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Products for Automation, Automotive and Robotics

Engineered cable solutions for the most demanding automation applications, including severe flexing, torsional stress environments.

Products for Automation, Automotive and Robotics

Wire and Cable for Industrial Applications
Wherever there are unique or demanding requirements, engineered cables are relied upon to deliver power and control in applications ranging from high atop seaport cranes to deep within mines.

For decades, industries have relied on us for high-quality wire and cable solutions. Our innovative designs and custom-engineered materials provide for longer cable life, resulting in reduced down-time, increased production and substantially lowered costs.

We serve an extensive range of markets with a competitive array of durable and dependable wire and cable products for virtually any industrial application.

  • Engineered cable solutions for demanding environments including severe duty flexing and torsional stress
  • Heavy duty, robust cable that resists abrasion, chemical solvents, oil, flame, moisture and temperatures up to 150 °C
  • MSHA-rated power and control cables
  • Specialists of engineered wire and cable that withstand the flexing and high temperatures of container cranes and yard cranes (featuring All-Temp Industrite and Bostflex brands)

Certifications, Listings & Approvals
Our control cables meet appropriate ICEA standards through intelligent construction and rugged jacketing materials, including PVC, CPE and XLPE.

International Commitment to Quality -- ISO-9000:2000
The quality management systems of our manufacturing facilities have been independently audited and certified (registered with Underwriter Laboratories, Ind. Or the internationally accredited Det Norse Veritas) to conform to the quality requirements set forth in ISO-9000:2000. Our deep commitment to deliver quality products and services and our dedication to continually improve out practices are embodied in these certifications.


Heavy Duty Power and Control / Multiple XLPE Conductors 14 AWG to 500 KCMIL / PVC Jacket

UL RHW-2 600V CSA RW90 1000V TC UL Type TC 600V


type TC continuous flex control cable / 90 degrees C / 16 AWG / PVC jacket / 600 volt

AUTO-FLEX® CF cable is UL listed Type TC (Tray Cable); CSA certified (File No. LL36970) AWM certified; Meets IEEE 383-1974 vertical flame test; CSA FT4, 600 Volt, 90°C Dry, 75°C Wet

AUTO-FLEX TCP Flexible TC-ER Power Supply/Drop Cable

UL power tray cable / with 2 or 3 PVC/nylon insulated conductors / insulated grounding conductor / PVC jacket / 600V UL power tray cable / with 2 or 3 PVC/nylon insulated conductors insulated grounding conductor / PVC jacket / 600 volt

UL Standard 83 and 1277 ICEA S-95-658 (NEMA WC-70) CSA C22.2 No. 210.05

AUTO-FLEX™ 360 Welding Cable


welding cable / 90° C / 4 to 4/0 AWG / thermoset CPE jacket / 600 volt

Rated for use in DC welding; Continuous operation at 600 volts with 90°C conductor temperatures; UL listed 600V CSA certified Arc Welding Cable or Portable Power Cable; Passes CSA FT-1 and FT-5 Flame Tests; Approved by MSHA for sizes of 2 AWG and larger

Industrite® EV - Electric Vehicle Cable