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High Voltage Underground Systems

High Voltage cable systems form an integral part of electricity transmission and distribution networks throughout the world. Prysmian Group, with its long and highly experienced history, provides complete range of products and services required for all High Voltage cable systems.

High Voltage Underground Systems

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Information regarding to our HV & Submarine product range can be found on our global website via the quick links below:

The HV & Submarine division

From Asia-Pacific to the Americas, and from Europe to the Middle East to Africa, Prysmian cable solutions sit at the heart of the development of power grids worldwide, helping major utilities in transmitting and distributing power to their customers. Unmatched in our manufacturing capabilities and with an unwavering commitment to R&D, we design, produce and install low, medium, high and extra-high voltage underground and submarine cables and systems, along with network components and value-added engineering services.



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