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Our Product Brands

Our Product Brands

Offshore and deepwater production poses a host of complex engineering challenges: high pressure, extreme temperatures, and greater distances between equipment and facilities. The heavier crudes and low-energy reservoirs encountered in deep water also warrant new approaches. From marine and topside cable for instrumentation and communication, to subsea solutions for power and downhole monitoring, we have a solution. 

Airbag Cable System

The Prysmian patented Air Bag Cable System provides excellent protection against impact and mechanical abuse during the lifetime of the cable. It also provides increased tolerance to sidewall bearing pressures and static loads, without affecting the thermal or flexing characteristics of the cable.

Airguard Cable System

Prysmian has combined the patented technologies of Airbag and Drylam to provide the same protection from fluid ingress, whilst enhancing the mechanical properties of the cable. This leads to improved cable performance and increased cable reliability.


BostrigTM Type P Marine and Offshore Cable is primarily designed for power, control, signal and instrumentation applications for offshore, land rigs, marine vessels and oil and gas moisture, sunlight and ester-based mud (Type P-MR).Bostrig cables have excellent resistance to oil, abrasion and drilling rigs.


From new-build projects to routine maintenance and repair, our products are used onboard all types of vessels. Because safety is paramount at sea, we offer a wide range of low-smoke, fire-resistant, flame-retardant and halogen-free cables. All feature outstanding mechanical toughness.