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ESP Cables (Down Well Pumps)

ESP Cables (Down Well Pumps)

Down well hole extraction systems are the main artery of crude oil production. The reliability of electrical down well pump systems is directly dependent on the performance of the power feed through to the wellhead, power cable, motor lead cable, pig tail connectors and related equipment such as the pump and motor.  

These cables offer: efficiency, ruggedness, handling flexibility, ease of installation and maintenance, reliable performance. They are able to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments and possess high resistance to gassy chemical environments. Down Well Pump cables are offered in two basic constructions; round and flat. Both types incorporate Prysmian’s proven proprietary insulating and jacketing compounds to help increase run life even in hostile environments.

Flat cables

Flat design which is ideal for tight fits between casing and tubing.

Round cables

Round design provides a high degree of flexibility and crush resistance.