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IEEE/UL Standards

IEEE/UL Standards

Cables designed primarily for power, control, instrumentation and signal cables for use in the offshore oil and gas, ship & marine industries in compliance with IEEE standards.

Bostrig Type P, Bostrig VFD, & Marine Fiber

Bostrig Type P, Bostrig VFD, and fiber optic marine rated cables are primarily designed for power, control, instrumentation, VFD, and data applications in marine vessels and offshore and onshore drilling and production facilities.

Bostmarine Types T/N & X Marine & Shipboard Cables

BostmarineType T/N and Type X marine and shipboard cables are primarily designed as power, control, and instrumentation cables for use in commercial marine applications where flame retardant cables having excellent physical and electrical properties are required.

Bostrig MHV Medium Voltage & VFD 5-15KV

Bostrig MHV Medium Voltage cables are designed for 5- 15KV power and VFD applications in marine vessels and offshore drilling and production facilities.