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About Renewable Energy

About Renewable Energy

What links sustainable ideas to real-world results?

Cable solutions to enable the production and supply of renewable energyTo meet an ever growing need for power, the world is increasingly turning to renewable and sustainably sourced wind and solar energy. In response to this demand, Prysmian cables are helping businesses in the renewable industry around the globe convert these new opportunities into reality.

Our technologies - which cover cables used in wind turbine and tower operations, submarine inter-array, platform connection and export cables to link the various turbines and underground power transmission and distribution cable systems for wind power applications - are at work across the renewable sector, supporting the operations of turbine manufacturers, contractors, and developers, grid operators, PV and wind power generation system integrators and PV panel makers.

Always aware of our responsibility to the planet, we're constantly driving innovation in our industry, aiming to help renewable industry partners deliver projects with benefits for the future of both our world and their businesses.