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Indoor Cable

Indoor Cable

Designed for easy installation and high performance, these cables include riser, plenum and flame-rated premise cable for reliable indoor applications including campus, data center and other local area network environments where space is at a premium. Our position as the #1 multimode supplier in the world promises best-in-class optical performance. For maximum bandwidth specify MaxCap OM-4.

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Our indoor breakout cables package up to 144 color-coded 900um tight buffered fibers into a single flame-retardant cable - riser, plenum, or LSZH (Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen) rated.  This design provides for easy installation and direct termination.  Cables with more than 12 fibers use sub-unit fiber management.


Prysmian and Draka's ezINTERCONNECT cable designs are for use in riser, plenum or specialty applications.  Easily strippable fiber coating allows easy fiber end preparation and termination.  Flexible cable design allows easy installation in a wide variety of environments.


Our indoor ribbon cables combine robust performance for aerial lashed, duct, and direct buried installations with the productivity of mass fusion splicing.  The COLink cables utilize 12-fiber and 24-fiber splittable ribbons for optimized designs up to 864 fibers.  These ribbon cables combine adhesive armor, swellable water-blocking, and exclusive fiber coating that make COLink the easiest ribbon cables to access and prep.

Interlock Armor

Interlock Armoring can be applied to any indoor cable for protective crush resistance & fire safety. These cables also eliminate the need for conduit - providing quick one-step economical installation.