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Tight buffer

Indoor-Outdoor Cables

Tight buffer

Our tight buffered indoor-outdoor cables simplex & duplex cable designs contain 900µm tight-buffered fibers for use in riser, plenum, or LSZH (Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen) applications. Easily strippable fiber coating allows easy fiber end preparation and termination. Flexible cable design allows easy installation in a wide variety of environments.

Standard tight buffered simplex & duplex cordage for cable assemblies, terminations and short length interconnect applications.

ezDISTRIBUTION™ | Indoor-Outdoor Tight Buffered

Riser and Plenum Rated Cables

ezINTERLOCK™ | Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffered

Riser and plenum rated cables


Riser and plenum rated cables

ezDISTRIBUTION™ Indoor/Outdoor LSZH | TB | Low Emission

Low-smoke zero-halogen cables, IEC verified for flame and smoke – OFNR Rated

ezINTERCONNECT Security Optical Cable

Ruggedized, bend-insensitive cable for a variety of Security Applications.Draka’s Security Optical Cable contains a 900 µm tight-buffered fiber for use in indoor or indoor-outdoor applications.