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Prysmian Communications Americas offers several programs to reward customers that select, install and operate their networks with products manufactured by Prysmian. A brief description of available programs is provided below. For more information please contact your Prysmian Sales representative, call Prysmian Customer Care at 1-800-879-9862, or request information at

Certified Installer Program

Overview: This certification process is utilized when manufacturer certification is encouraged/required to be selected for projects utilizing Prysmian fiber optic cable.  Users of this certification process may include: installation contractors, fusion splicing technicians, engineers, network test/evaluation technicians, or network operators. Join the team of Prysmian Certified Installers.

Contractor Rebate Program

Overview: This rebate program rewards Contractors who select and install Prysmian’s flame rated fiber cable products. Participating organizations/individuals will be eligible for an end-of-year rebate. This cash rebate is paid directly to the contractor from Prysmian to reward loyalty for using our indoor and indoor-outdoor flame rated cables. Prysmian’s Contractor Rebate Program is one of the simplest rebate programs in the industry.

Extended Warranty Program

Overview: Prysmian’s Private & Premise Networks Extended Warranty Program provides the end user with the confidence and security of knowing that their fiber cable network was designed, manufactured, installed, and tested to the highest performance standards in the industry and is compatible with other manufacturer’s connectivity systems. This program is designed for owners and installers of private networks or customer premise networks utilizing end-to-end Prysmian fiber optic cable products or solutions.

First Time Buyer Program

Overview: This program provides a cash rebate for the first time purchase of Prysmian flame rated cable products.  Program limitations and restrictions apply.  Please call Prysmian for details.