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BOSTRAIL® Fire Safe (LSZH) Cable

single conductor / silicone rubber insulation / XLPO jacket / 22 AWG to 500 KCMIL / 600 and 2000 volt

UL 1581 Flame Test; IEEE 383 Paragraph 2.5

BOSTRAIL® Traction Power Cable

single conductor / EPR insulated / XLPO jacket / 4/0 AWG to 2000 KCMIL / 2000 volt

Rated 90°C Wet or Dry Traction Power Cable; UL 1581 Vertical Tray (70,000 BTU); UL RHW-2

Lifeline® Power Cables: RHW-2 or RW90 Two-Hour Horizontal, One-Hour Vertical Fire Resistive Cables in EMT

Fire Resistive Cable for Survivability in a Fire - FHIT 25B

Manufacturer’s Instructions for Lifeline® Power Cables Lifeline® RHW-2 or RW90 Two-Hour Fire Resistive Cables in EMT

Technical Information Sheet #301G - FHIT 25B

600 Volt, Single Conductor Type LSZH XHHW-2

LSZH XLPO Insulated Wire