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Transparency In Supply Chains

Transparency In Supply Chains
With a goal of spreading responsible commercial practices and ensuring that ethical, economic, environmental and social standards are met throughout the value chain, in 2014 Prysmian Group committed to promoting a responsible and sustainable chain of supply by adopting a new Code of Business Conduct. This Code will take effect in 2015 and apply to all employees and suppliers. The principles set forth in the Code apply to the business transactions and daily activities of the employees of all Group entities and their suppliers, commercial partners, commercial agents, sub-contractors and distributors. The document covers the following topics:

Business integrity (fair trade, conflicts of interest, gifts and offers of entertainment, corruption, accountability);
Human rights and those of workers (prohibition of under-age working, slavery, human trafficking, in addition to health and safety at work, non-discrimination, freedom of association and collective bargaining);
Environment (principle of precaution, use of raw materials and compliance, energy consumption, greenhouse gases and other emissions, use of water, production of waste and recycling).

The Prysmian Code of Business Conduct will be published on the Group’s website. A link to the new Code will be posted here once it is published. Until then, the current Ethical Code can be found at: