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Prysmian Group Academy

Prysmian Group Academy

Our brands are all about linking the future and making a difference to the world through innovation and excellence.

A key part of our success lies with our people. Which is why training them and helping them reach their potential is so important to us. Our heritage is built on the spirit of continuous learning. We’ve developed specialist programs, tools and initiatives that strengthen the management skills (leadership) and technical know-how (professional) of our people. These are the areas that can have the biggest impact on our business.

With greater skills and expertise in the Prysmian Group, we become a more efficient, more competitive and more respectable business. A business people are proud to work for. We believe in showing the way because when our people are at their best, so are we.

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Building brilliance to believe in.

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Prysmian Group, jointly with the international SDA Bocconi faculty, in order to implement and design a series of trainings has created a wide range of development programs designed to develop skills and expertise based on several different target groups, each with their own needs.

  • School of Management to strengthen leadership and management skills.
  • Professional School to develop product knowledge and technical expertise.


More information
For more information about the programs available for the School of Management and the Professional School, please refer to our Group Academy section on our global website (link will open in a new window).