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Homeland Security for the East River Tunnel




In compliance with the Homeland Security Act, the federal and regional transit authorities responsible for passenger rail service throughout the Northeast corridor and greater New York required cabling for the critical circuits serving the vent fans in the East River Tunnel. The operation of the vent fans is critical for passenger and employee safety in the event of fire. It was critical that the cable have maximum ability to survive catastrophic fire.

Consultants working with the transit authorities selected Lifeline® 2-hour fire rated cable; a cable designed and engineered by Draka Cableteq USA for the tunnel’s critical fan circuits.

Draka Cableteq USA engineers adapted the cable for the minimal space available in the existing vent shafts of the East River Tunnel, thus avoiding the added time and expense of digging another shaft to hold the cables. Of the cabling options available to the transit authorities, only Lifeline® met requirements for functionality, labor-saving installation and critical circuit survivability.