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Prysmian Group and Sustainability


Prysmian Group and Sustainability

As the world leader in the cable industry, Prysmian Group is committed to sustainability.

In 2015, Prysmian Group made investments in: searching for sustainable products, making existing products environmentally friendly, strengthening and growing its human resources, as well as investing in corporate social responsibility.

  • Product Responsibility

Prysmian Group is committed to producing innovative, technologically advanced, state-of-the-art products. From design to delivery, product responsibility is considered throughout the entire life cycle.

  • Environmental Responsibility

Prysmian Group’s commitment to preserving the environment and natural resources can be seen in the key characteristics of its products and in the management of its production systems.

  • Human Resources Responsibility

The extraordinary success of Prysmian’s projects and economic value is contributed to human capital. People are the most important resource for creating, which is why it is vital to invest in passionate and pragmatic employees; Prysmian’s people must be able to adapt to the 21st century and beyond, which will sustain the company’s success as the world’s leading provider of cable solutions.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Through donating monetarily and through community service hours, Prysmian is committed to initiatives that benefit society. Creating shared value for business and society contributes to the sustainability of Prysmian Group.

The responsibility Prysmian Group carries of making its products and its company sustainable is not taken lightly, and Prysmian Group will remain committed to sustainability. Prysmian Group invests in the future by focusing on investments and ongoing actions to improve efficiency making it a sustainable company.

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Prysmian Group 2015 Sustainability Report