Global Mobility

Global Mobility

An International Culture Supported By Sharing Expertise.

At Prysmian, we know our employees are our greatest resource. We believe that the wealth of expertise they represent should be shared amongst all our offices worldwide.

Our goal is to create an inclusive, collaborative international community, characterized by a common culture and an ability to share ideas and develop the technology of the future.

To ensure this happens, we have a strong focus on international mobility. During their career at Prysmian, our employees have the chance to take up positions across any of our various locations, enhancing their opportunities for personal growth by learning new managerial and professional approaches thus allowing them to contribute their knowledge at local and international levels.

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A truly international workforce

A truly international workforce

On December 31st, 2016, Prysmian Group had an expatriate population of 233 people of around 30 different nationalities, who had moved to 36 different destination countries; of this total 72% were non-executive and 16% were women.

We strongly believe this continuous flow brings fresh ideas and energy to the Group and we will continue to support our people in fulfilling their international ambitions.

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Creating global opportunities for our graduates

Right from the start, we make it a policy to offer international opportunities to our employees.

Our Graduate Program is a successful initiative that recruits recent graduates for one year of training at a local level followed by a two-year assignment overseas in one of 26 different countries. Launched in 2013, we have accepted approximately 130 talented individuals. At the moment, 31% of our total expatriate employees are our young graduates.


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EN - Careers - What We Offer - Global Mobility - Measuring our success

Measuring our success

To ensure the success of our international assignments, we will continue to nurture cooperation between employees in all offices, developing leadership and encouraging our diversity of talent to take advantage of the chance to broaden their horizons and work abroad.

We are committed to monitoring the effectiveness of our assignments concerning the exchange of expertise, professional development in local teams, and the growth in leadership and cultural diversity. 

We strongly believe that promoting our identity and values amongst colleagues makes us a more agile and adaptable player in the market, leading the way today and in the future.