Accessories Play a Vital Role in a Power System

Accessories Play a Vital Role in a Power System

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Highland Heights, KY   -   30 Mar 2021

With over 25 years of expertise in the design, manufacturing, testing and installation of cable accessories products across all voltages, Prysmian Group offers a comprehensive range of accessories for splicing, terminating, grounding and glanding applications. Our product portfolio includes Splices, Terminations (indoor and outdoor), Connectors, Loadbreak Elbows, Deadbreak T Bodies, Glands, Cleats and Fixings, Tooling and Resins.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide education and knowledge on our products and solutions, we have developed a series of training videos for splicing, termination and grounding procedures:


Elaspeed™ Splices


ColdFit™ Terminations


Loadbreak and Deadbreak Separable Connectors


AIRGUARD® Termination Videos

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