Prysmian Group’s Side-by-Side Initiative Gets Attention

Prysmian Group’s Side-by-Side Initiative Gets Attention

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Highland Heights, KY   -   10/28/2019

Prysmian Group was recently featured in the October issue of Wire Journal International in an article featuring six of the largest wire and cable manufacturers and their attention to Corporate Social Responsibility.

The article shares Prysmian Group’s recent naming to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as well as Prysmian’s emphasis on Diversity & Inclusion through its Side by Side global initiative to incorporate diversity across the company.

“As a global company, Prysmian is constantly embracing diversity and inclusion while developing a shared common culture and identity,” said Angela Amodio, Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Prysmian Group. “We strongly believe that diversity drives meritocracy and brings significant value to our employees and, in turn, our customers and shareholders.”

Additionally, the article touches on how the Side by Side’s global guidelines were created so that they could be interpreted and implemented in a way that fits with each region’s culture. Prysmian Group’s North America (NA) Diversity & Inclusion “Side by Side” team launched in March of this year and has worked to do just that.

“When creating regionalized implementations of this program, it’s imperative to realize that different cultures are at different stages when it comes to diversity and inclusion,” said Christina Trainor Commercial BU Business Partner at Prysmian Group. “There’s different types of diversity – gender, sexual orientation, non-traditional family models among others – and we wanted to better understand the meaning regionally before launching in North America, which is why we conducted a series of surveys to see how and where we wanted to focus our efforts.”

All regions, including North America, are working diligently to meet the goals of having females represent 40 percent of total recruitments, 15 percent of total executives and 10 percent of total top managers by 2021.


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