Prysmian Group Provides Key Component in Face Mask Production

Prysmian Group Provides Key Component in Face Mask Production

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Prysmian Group’s OEM raw material is providing solutions for today’s challenges, including flexible aluminum strip used in disposable surgical face masks and N95 (respirator) masks.

Highland Heights, KY   -   05 Jun 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), production has ramped up across the world to address the shortfall.

In North America, Prysmian Group is stepping up to provide a key component in the production of disposable surgical face masks and N95 (respirator) masks – the flexible aluminum strip which allows masks to fit more closely and securely on the wearer’s face.

Prysmian Group OEM raw materials, a trusted long-time partner and supplier to the Electrical industry, is now making their materials available for the production of this much needed PPE to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

“In this time of crisis, we are leveraging our capabilities and strengths as a supplier to address the emerging needs of our communities and make an impact,” said Susan Labadie, Business Unit Vice President.

Prysmian Group has over 50-years’ experience in providing aluminum raw materials to original equipment manufacturers as critical inputs to their production. Prysmian’s products are produced to precise customer specifications and are shipped across the globe to our broad customer base in North America, South America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.  Benefiting from a fully integrated supply chain and regional supply of aluminum rod in the heart of the Aluminum Valley, Prysmian raw material output is strong and reliable.

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