Prysmian Group Reinforcing Commitment to Renewable Energy with New Program

Prysmian Group Reinforcing Commitment to Renewable Energy with New Program

Renewables+ will Drive Sustainable Solutions Beyond the Cable

Highland Heights, KY   -   18 Oct 2021

To facilitate the energy transition and meet the growing demand for clean energy sources across North America, Prysmian Group, the world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, is taking bold steps towards decarbonization by partnering with customers and suppliers to gain a shared commitment on sustainability and together boost and spread the ESG culture. As part of this commitment, the Group announced a new Renewables+ program, which targets wind and solar energy projects. The program is an extended and sustainable solution that will help to significantly reduce the C02 emissions as well as ensure design optimization and prevention in renewable electrical systems. Renewables+ further reinforces Prysmian Group’s positioning as the partner of choice for renewable projects and customers.


The new Renewables+ program includes:

  • CL AdvantageTM MV Cable: medium voltage power distribution cable designed with a compact aluminum conductor, flat strap neutral and crosslinked jacket with smaller diameter and lower weight.
  • ALESEA: inventory management & tracking system that features a cloud-based smart device installed on the cable drum, allowing for more efficient geo-localization and tracking.
  • PRY-CAM: breakthrough technology for monitoring, condition assessment and asset management of electrical systems, helping monitor and prevent failures.
  • Prysmian Accessories & Splice Kits:  a comprehensive range of accessories for glanding, jointing, connecting and terminating.

For a limited time, all power distribution orders for medium voltage, renewable cables will include complimentary ALESEA tracking services, incentive credits towards the purchase of PRY-CAM testing and medium voltage splice kits, and a three-year extended warranty, offering a comprehensive extended solution that boosts sustainability and maximizes investments by subsidizing spend for additional renewable solutions.  


“Prysmian Group is fully committed to supporting our renewable energy customers and partners in building the U.S. clean energy infrastructure and facilitating the region’s energy transition and diversification to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Joe Debolt, VP of sales PD renewables at Prysmian Group North America. “Our world-class products and solutions go beyond the cable and enable our customers and communities to meet today’s great challenges and aim to bring the world one step closer to a carbon-free future.”


To download a copy of the Renewables+ program brochure, click here.


To learn more and view Prysmian Group North America’s commitment to sustainability, click here.

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