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Linking proven performance to 100 years’ experience in the defense sector

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When it comes to Military and Defense applications, compromising on quality, standards and performance is never an option.

Prysmian Group cables have been proven their value for over a century. With power, control, instrumentation and communication cables that meet the widest of military standards, we provide vital support to many of the world’s major military organizations.

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The most specialized cables

The Military and Defense unit of Prysmian Group makes cable products designed for military and defense applications across the globe.

Our extremely diverse product range comprises power cables, control and instrumentation cables, data transmission and communication cables (including optical fiber) or combinations of all of the above.

And we deliver world-leading cable excellence to many unique applications, from land and marine to sonar and field-deployed communication systems, and more.

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Prysmian participates in development contracts with government and defense contractors to create new cable products for application-specific uses.  

Prysmian’s Military and Defense team focus on high-quality cables and products that have unique performance requirements or require highly engineered solutions.

Our products typically meet the most diverse requirements possible from a bevy of national military standards such as IEC, British Def Stan, German VG and American MILSPEC.

Prysmian military and defense cables provide leading high performance, reliability and safety to the world’s military forces.

  • Compact 
  • Low-smoke/zero halogen
  • Protect against electromagnetic interference
  • Work effectively in harsh environments 
  • Work effectively under extreme mechanical stress