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Prysmian Oil & Gas is the global expert in connections.

We’re the industry specialist offering complete and integrated solutions and services for Downhole Technology, SURF and Core Cables, driven by state-of-the-art safety and quality.

Your long term partner.

Whether you operate in Exploration & Production, Pipelines & LNG or Refineries & Petrochemical, we’re here for our customers. We develop fit-for-purpose solutions that create a positive impact on your project economics.

Local Expert. Global Reach.

Wherever you are in the world, we speak your language. From North America to the Middle East, Brazil to Asia, Europe to Russia, our expertise, coupled with our unique footprint, makes us the strategic partner to deliver complex projects with a single interface to ensure seamless and efficient execution.

Accelerating innovation.

We believe in developing advanced technologies that respond to customer needs, anticipating market challenges and seizing opportunities. It’s a journey of constant innovation.

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Oil & Gas

NEK 606 Offshore Cables Product Catalog

Flexflame - Arctic Grade Cables for Extreme Conditions

BOSTMARINE Product Catalog - Marine & Shipboard Cables

Offshore Cables General Catalog

Offshore Cables

Plant & Petrochem Cables

Specialty Optical Fiber Sensing Cable (SOFSC)

Tubing Encapsulated Cable - Harsh Environment Downhole Solutions

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Focus On / Oil&Gas

Cable & Control Line Protectors

Products designed to protect cables and control lines in the most extreme downhole environments including high temperature, high pressure and sour Oil & Gas.

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TEC, Downhole Fibre, Control Lines & Flatpacks

Products for downhole control, injection, flow assurance and monitoring that help maximize reservoir efficiency.

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Focus On / Oil&Gas

Thermoplastic Umbilicals (TPU)

Prysmian offers reliable, cost-effective solutions for power transmission, data communication, transport and injection of fluids from topside to subsea equipment below 2,500 m water depths.

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Steel Tube Umbilicals (STU)

Our Steel Tube Umbilicals are the preferred solution in deep-water projects for hydraulic control and chemical injection lines of subsea applications.

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Airguard™ Cable Solutions

Our patented cables deliver performance for Oil & Gas applications with high resistance to the aggressive chemical attacks in a light design with reduced dimension providing easier installation and high flexibility.

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Focus On / Oil&Gas

Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP)

A range of cables specially designed for Oil & Gas electrical submersible pump systems, whatever the demands of the environment.

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Offshore Cables

Draka Catalog - Marine & Offshore Cables Product Catalog