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As the world’s largest producer of telecom cables, supporting the infrastructures of many of the world's leading telecom operators, Prysmian delivers optical fiber and copper cabling solutions that help link communications to communities around the globe.

Whether it is capacity, high transmission, low interference or electromagnetic capability, we have all your telecommunication needs covered.

We provide complete telecom network solutions. We bring our extensive product range of cables and connectivity and our vast experience in network design and engineering together to provide bespoke passive system solutions to meet every application.

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General Optical Fiber Cable Installation Considerations

Buried Cable Installation Practices

Underground Cable Installation Practices

Aerial Cable Installation Practices

All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Installation Procedure for OPGW Fiber Optic Cables

Jetted Installation Installation Considerations with Sherman & Reilly Superjet

Interlocked Armored Cables Installation Guidelines

Loose Tube Preparation & Handling Procedure

FusionLink™ Central Tube Ribbon

Procedure for Splitting Prysmian 24 or 36 Fiber Ribbons

MassLink™ Loose Tube Ribbon Cable

Microduct™ Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Procedure for Using Prysmian Buffer Tube Slitters

Buffer Tube Midspan Access Tool Accessing Fibers in Buffer Tube Procedure

Pulling Grip Attachment Procedure for Draka Loose tube & Central Tube Cable Designs

864 MassLink Pulling Grip Installation Procedure

Flat Drop Cable Preparation & Handling Procedure

Armored | Microunitube Cable with Ripcord Preparation & Handling Procedure

CentraLink CD & Central Loose Tube Applications Procedure

Figure 8 Fiber Optic Drop Cable Applications Procedure

How to Ribbonize Fiber in Loose Tube Cable Applications Procedure

Single-Mode Fiber Splicing & OTDR Splice Measurements

BendBright-XS Macrobending Insensitive Single-Mode Fiber

Ordering Guide - Outdoor

Ordering Guide - Indoor/Outdoor

Ordering Guide - Indoor

Ordering Guide - Specialty

Fiber Code Addendum

Color Code Guide for Fiber Optic Specifications

Fiber Optic Cable Pre-Order Guide

ADSS Cable Design Information

Wood Reel Length Table (Feet)

Reel Policy

Wood Reel Length Table (Feet)

Color Code Guide for Fiber Optic Specifications

Ribbon Print Sequence

White Paper: ADSS Dry Band Arcing Considerations

Single-Mode Fiber Splicing and OTDR splice measurements

BendBright-XS Macrobending Insensitive Single-Mode Fiber


Supplier Declaration

Disposal Guidelines for Optical Fiber Cable

FlexRibbon Technology Brochure

Fiber Optic Cable for Outdoor Applications

Telecom Fiber Catalog

Industrial Catalog

Telecom Product Line Brochure

Industrial IoT Harsh Environment Fiber Cables Brochure

Telecom Data Center Brochure

OPGW & ADSS Fiber Cable

Connectivity Accessories - Pigtails

Connectivity Accessories - Patchcords

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Field Practice Video Resources

FlexRibbon Splicing Demo

This video demonstrates the splicing of 250-micron FlexRibbon fibers.

Click here to view video

How to Split 24 Fiber Ribbon

This video demonstrates the splitting of 24 fiber ribbons into two, individual 12 fiber ribbons. This step is normally required before the fusion splicing. This method will provide the most consistent result and avoid the need for expensive, specialized tools.

Click here to view video

Attaching Kellems Grip to 864 RILT

A Kellems grip can be placed directly over the jacket but the OD at the grip can be too large for some ducts. This procedure shows how the grip can be safely installed in a low-profile manner. Remember to use a grip with the correct diameter and length.

Click here to view video

Storage of Central Tube Ribbon in Vault

Central Tube Ribbon cables have a preferred bending plane. This requires them to be handled differently from a stranded cable. This video shows the recommended method for storing these cables in Hand Holes, which helps to save time and avoid accidental damage.

Click here to view video

Mid-Span Access of Central Tube Ribbon

This video shows a step-by-step process for opening armored FusionLink Central Tube Ribbon cable in the middle of a span (not end access). By omitting the armor steps, this process can also be used for unarmored Central Tube Ribbon.

Click here to view video

Accessing Aluminum Tube OPGW Cable

This video shows the steps required to access the optical fibers in a PureCore Aluminum-Tube OPGW cable. This process avoids problems that can make the Aluminum tube harder to pull off the fiber tube(s). It can also save time during armor wire removal.

Click here to view video

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Promotional Video Resources

Prysmian Manufacturing Marvels Segment (HD video)

This video originally aired on Fox Business News on December 28th, 2016. It shows highlights of the Lexington, SC Telecom plant, which is a world leader in optical fiber ribbon cable production.

Click here to view video

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3-Day Rapid Shipment
No cut fee for lengths over 1,640 Feet

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Flame-rated cables in stock.
Riser and Plenum-rated cables are available with SM, OM3 and OM4 fibers.

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Interlock Armor Cables

Interlock Armor is often added to flame retardant cables to enhance mechanical robustness. 

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EzINTERLOCK™ Tight Buffered Cable

Interlock Armor enhances Prysmian's popular indoor tight-buffered cables to enable superior crush resistance while ensuring maximum flexibility.

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Introducing our new CAROL® Logo. Prysmian Group is proud to announce the launch of our new CAROL® logo as part of the ongoing evolution of one of the most respected brands in the industry.

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