GenSPEED 10 MTP Identified as Key Technology Solution for Optimal Patient Care at UC Davis Health

GenSPEED 10 MTP Identified as Key Technology Solution for Optimal Patient Care at UC Davis Health

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Highland Heights, KY   -   08 Jul 2021

The University of California Davis (UC Davis) Medical Center, one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States, has become a leader in driving patient treatment and care through the use of technology. Like other healthcare facilities, UC Davis must rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to manage the wealth of patient data and medical records in an optimal, efficient, and secure fashion.

With the rapidly expanding role of technology in healthcare, UC Davis Health tasked Panduit and Prysmian Group for a solution that would meet the growing demand for wireless connectivity and an “always-on” infrastructure to support its hospital facilities. Additionally, the hospital sought to enhance its facility operations through data. With more than 100 buildings in the healthcare system, the hospital wanted to collect the right data at the right points. With the goal of optimizing their operations, this would allow them to improve patient flows, track medical equipment, improve staffing, and more. Panduit’s and Prysmian Group’s “PanGen Solution” produces mission-critical products that are essential in providing data to these crucial infrastructures and has contributed to hundreds of projects that meet the growing demand to support Wi-Fi applications and Power over Ethernet, while also staying current with standards, advancements, codes and hospital policy changes. 

As part of the PanGen Solution, UC Davis has turned to Prysmian’s GenSPEED® 10 MTPTM cables to handle high-speed requirements for data communications. GenSPEED® 10 MTPTM innovative 5th Generation (Gen 5) design provides guaranteed performance using the industry’s smallest 6A cable. The Gen 5 revolutionary design was developed to find the perfect blend of product performance and product size, features a record-breaking 0.230” overall diameter and provides superior alien crosstalk protection and EMI Immunity. From the Panduit side the solution encompassed a wide breadth of Category 6A connectivity products which included jacks, patch cords, patch panels, and plugs throughout the channel ensuring reliable 10GBASE-T performance. This 10GBASE-T infrastructure ensures that UC Davis will be able to meet its needs for all future Internet of Things (IoT) devices as facilities are built or renovated.

Today, UC Davis systems are built on Prysmian’s GenSPEED® 10 MTPTM Category 6A Cable, which not only accommodates PoE++ and the latest Wi-Fi technology, but it’s improved design with a groundbreaking small diameter, lighter weight and increased flexibility translates to simplified cable handling and optimized cable management. Therefore, resulting in more cable in existing conduit and trays which lowers overall project costs.

UC Davis’ technology upgrades have garnered national awards and accolades for their performance in which Panduit and Prysmian Group are proud to have contributed with best-in-class PanGen Structured Cabling Solutions. U.S. News & World Report recently ranked UC Davis as one of the nation’s best hospitals in ten adult medical specialties. Additionally, UC Davis placed at the highest level in the annual CHIME “Healthcare’s Most Wired” survey which recognizes the use of information technology by healthcare provider organizations.

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