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Our commitment

  • To a low carbon future

  • To partner with our customers through product innovation to achieve shared sustainability commitments

  • To diversity, inclusion and our local communities

  • To transparency, effective internal controls and solid principles

Discover how Prysmian Group brings clean energy to lives, communities and everything around us.



To a low carbon future

We are dedicated to global climate change mitigation. We developed our sustainability goals based on science-based targets, as called for by the Paris Agreement COP 21, to achieve net-zero emissions between 2035 and 2040 for our internal operations and by 2050 for emissions generated by our value chain. 


Product innovation partnerships to achieve shared sustainability commitments

We invest and partner with customers to develop innovative sustainable products that bring energy to homes, infrastructures and cities worldwide. Our innovative sustainable products include CL™ Advantage, PRY-CAM, Alesea Tracking Device, E3X® Technology and ECO CABLE.




To Diversity, Inclusion and our Local Communities

We are committed to fostering a culture that embraces and encourages diversity and inclusion. We strive to create an environment of trust, where people, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender, feel welcomed, valued, and respected.  





To transparency, effective internal controls and solid principles

To support the Group's sustainability goals, we created a North America Sustainability Steering Committee to enhance the region’s focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts. 


Strong Commitment

Strong Commitment

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Our Stories

Our Stories

Our Environmental Commitment

Trade Associations

Trade Associations


Sustainability Reports 2022

The Sustainability Report shows how Prysmian has become a leading player in this global transition, starting from its history and examining its performance, the ever-growing commitment to innovation, and the extraordinary projects undertaken in every part of the world.


By providing further analysis, the Sustainability Report complements the Integrated Annual Report, comprising the Integrated Financial Report and the Non-Financial Statement, in which financial and non-financial information is integrated into a systemic approach covering strategy, governance, production activities, financial performance and social, environmental and economic interactions.



Diversity & Inclusion


As a Group with a global footprint, we take responsibility to create an inclusive environment seriously. As a result, we have a culture of sharing, collaboration, openness, and transparency, embracing diversity and consistently monitoring our progression.


Each of our people has a unique skill set, perspective and capability that they bring to the business. We encourage our people to make their mark by recognizing the essential part they play both in the business and the world.