2019 Prysmian Group R&D Academy Kickoff: Helping to Link Our Future as One Company

2019 Prysmian Group R&D Academy Kickoff: Helping to Link Our Future as One Company

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Milan, Italy   -   04/15/2019

As One Company, each step that we take forward gets us closer and more connected to our goals and to the future. This progress not only benefits our customers but more importantly, our own team members as well. 

Recently, members of our R&D teams gathered in Lexington, South Carolina, USA to participate in the kickoff event for the 2019 Prysmian Group R&D Academy. This event helped us to reach a milestone in our integration efforts as it was the first session of the R&D Academy that included participants and internal experts as facilitators from both legacy General Cable and Prysmian Group. 

Held over a four-day period in late March, 25 participants from each of our 10 regions arrived to meet and to gain training, insight, technical knowledge and foundations of cable materials and technology used in the design and production of wire and cable products.

“Our group for this session was energetic, curious and very passionate about the roles that they play in the operation and success of the business,” said Alejandra Espinosa, Corporate People Development Expert, leading the Professional School in Prysmian Group.

The theme for this session was Energy Fundamentals: Materials & Technology. “This topic was specifically chosen as the integration provides a great opportunity to benchmark, document and share the very best in these two areas in our new combined company,” said Srini Siripurapu, Chief R&D Officer, Prysmian Group. 

This session also featured an opening presentation on the topic of Voice of the Customer. This was presented by Joe Carney from Power Engineers. Mr. Carney was able to share an overview of who our North American Power Distribution customers are and how they choose to deploy new innovative technologies. 

“Our understanding of customer needs is critical for our competitive advantage and will be the key driver for future innovation platforms,” added Mr. Siripurapu.

Miriam Diez Dago, one of the participants concluded in a warm message: “…Amazing R&D Fundamentals, I feel really lucky to have being part of it, the organization has been perfect, the lessons had a very high-quality level, all the professionals were really kind and close to us and the team-building was the best! - Thank you for taking care of us as you did, and for your dedication.”