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What is Build the Future?

Build the Future is the Prysmian Group Graduate Program. It is our global program to develop our company’s future leaders. The 2022 edition of the program will be the 11th edition!

We aim to hire diverse, talented people globally with many different backgrounds and experiences, who are eager to make our world a more sustainable place and ready to embrace new challenges.

Do you want to contribute on our journey to a low carbon future? Be part of this important change and help us build a better future for all. Join our global team!

Are you up for the challenge?

Our Graduate Program provides an immersive experience in our company from day one.


The program starts with a two-week Global Induction, featuring training and activities led by the Prysmian Group Academy in collaboration with a top-ranking business school.


Following your induction, you will start a one-year job rotation in 3 different departments: Research and Development, Operations (located in one of our production sites), and Sales Support/Technical Sales. This first year takes place in the country where you were hired.


After the first year of rotations, you will start your international assignment, which has a duration of 3 years. You’ll be assigned either to a technical role, mainly based in one of our production sites, or to a commercial or functional role, strongly connected to the core of our business. You’ll learn new ways of working, acquire new knowledge, meet new colleagues and embrace a new culture!


At the end of your assignment abroad,  you will return to the country where you were originally hired and will be ready to take on a new responsibility in a technical or business area, continuing your career in Prysmian Group.


•   You are keen on joining a career in our industry and are ready to embrace a new challenge.


•   You have graduated in the last 18 months or you are completing a degree in the  STEM or Business and Economics fields.


•   We are a global company. Being fluent in English is key.


•   You have worked or studied abroad and/or you are willing to join an international experience with Prysmian Group.


•   You have excellent communication and presentation skills.


•   You enjoy learning from and collaborating with colleagues.


Applications to our Graduate Program 11th edition are now open!

Join a global network of 300+ graduate program participants!

From the launch of the program in 2012, we’ve hired over 300 graduates from all over the world: take a look at the feedback of previous participants.

“I appreciated the chance to rotate through and to experience new positions in different departments; I also enjoyed the business training that we get for professional growth and the chance to move to another country, learn a new culture and language.”

Mack, Build the Future edition #8 (2019)


“My whole experience has been extraordinary! I was able to work in a home country for one year and being sent to another country for an assignment. To me, it is a once-in-a-life opportunity.”

Manuel, Build the Future edition #8 (2019)


“Only once I joined the graduate program, I did realize the international aspect not only comes in the form of moving abroad and living amongst a new culture but also working day to day with people of different nationalities in person and virtually."

Renee, Build the Future edition #8 (2019)


“The PGP has been a challenge since day one. The constant exposure to obstacles and opportunities dictated my path inside the company. Among different positive impacts, I highlight that Prysmian has given me the opportunity to learn a new language, to build an international profile and significantly boosted my self-confidence in my personal and professional life. Looking back in time, the PGP was the entrance door to an outstanding adventure.”

Caio, Build the Future edition #6 (2017)

“After graduating from university I wanted to work for a company that can make the world and the society more sustainable. I then decided to join a company like Prysmian, a leader in the cable industry. I can proudly say that I directly contribute to the energy transition and digitalization of the society.”

Monica, Build the Future edition #9 (2020)


“The Graduate Program allowed me to experience Diversity in all its meanings, giving me the possibility to foster my career through personal and professional development, also creating a great network of brilliant people.”

Marco, Build the Future edition #6 (2017)


“The Graduate Program has allowed me to broad my network with people from all around the world and have the guidance of very skilled leaders.”

Nicolas, Build the Future edition #8 (2019)


“The program gave me the opportunity to not only build a network all over the world, but also to have a complete immersion in the business. Even now, off program, what I like to most is that I’m still constantly learning and being challenged to see the big picture, as a Group .”

Ana, Build the Future edition #6 (2017)