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Our Business school aims to ensure the success of our managers and spread out our company culture by giving them complete and strategical competencies.

Our own international business cases have been built and recognized even externally, to outline our strategy and engage our managers to contribute to our future.

Every year, more than 600 managers are involved in our selective trainings and receive official international certification and some of them are recognized as pocket EMBA.

Most talented employees can participate in these Programs according to the geographical scope of their leadership and their job seniority. All the training initiatives leverage top management professors and speakers from leading companies. We also invite our customers to share their knowledge and experience with us.

A full management induction specially tailored to the Prysmian Group. The post-graduate Program is the perfect way for newcomers to immerse themselves in the industry.

The course is made up of three intensive weeks spread over a two-year period and focuses on our products, processes, customers and business fundamentals.

Participants have the opportunity to work with a mentor, a senior manager who will be on-hand, ready to offer advice and insights. At the end of the course, successful participants will be awarded with the SDA Bocconi Certificate.

A full international leadership development Program, specially tailored to the Prysmian Group and designed to help those aiming for an international leadership role within the business.

Entirely in English, the course is made up of four intensive weeks, spread over a period of two years.

At the heart of an MBA Program are learning modules focused on core managerial skills, with web seminars from experts further afield, and some challenging business projects.

Participants who complete the International Leadership Program will be awarded with the SDA Bocconi Certificate.

Regional Leadership Programs have been launched in APAC, Central Eastern Europe, North America and South America region and, in 2017 also South Europe and North Europe Regional Leadership Programs will start.  

They aim to reinforce and improve the Group’s market position in the regions, foster local leadership competencies that fit with local business and market peculiarities, and establish a strong regional network of managers that are aligned with, and able to support and deploy, Prysmian Group’s strategy.

The Advanced Leadership Program  is designed for executives who need to develop managerial and leadership skills.
The program covers three key areas of leadership based on the Group values Drive, Trust and Simplicity and reflects the Group Leadership Model.
The program triggers analytical ability and helps to understand complex environment, taking effective strategic decisions. It also offers opportunities to develop a strong network within the organization. 

The Global Executive MBA is a modular program providing a high-quality business education for executives who want to expand the scope of their careers and move towards a more international business position. A launch-pad for future careers, it’s an integrated preparation for senior management roles.

This Program is dedicated to senior managers. In a three-day module, it offers a selection of the ALP topics to ensure a common language and knowledge base which meets our managerial challenges.

Dedicated open enrolment events for ALP, ILP and PGP alumni have been created. The purpose of these events is to: energise the network, facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices, as well as boost ‘out of the box’ thinking.

A leadership development Program, specially tailored to Prysmian Group and dedicated to women to build a leadership presence and an impact on networking, communication and negotiations skills. It allows the participants to reflect on unique challenges women encounter in a work environment.
The course is made up of 7 intensive days divided in 2 sessions on 1 year.
During this training participants hear cutting-edge ideas about leadership, learn tried and tested techniques to overcome the unique challenges faced by women leaders. They develop greater confidence and a better understanding of their personal leadership style, enabling them to carry out and lead change effectively within your business.
Participants who complete the Women Leadership Program will be awarded with the SDA Bocconi Certificate.
A leadership program dedicated to diversity and specially tailored to Prysmian Group. 
The course is made up of 1 intensive training week.
During this training participants understand the power and importance of a diverse and open workforce that aligns strongly with our identity. They acquire new tools and techniques to identify, manage and develop non-traditional staff. The course increase empowerment and capacity to enact changes that promote diversity and strong identification within our Company.

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