Life in our Plants

Protecting our people at work

In line with the expectations of its Stakeholders, Prysmian Group strongly believes in protecting the health and safety of all employees and subcontractors. The Group operates in a complex and challenging industry, but its attitude to safety is simple: safety always takes priority. 

Its strategy for continuously developing its Safety Culture is driven by its:

VISION: ZERO work-related accidents and ZERO work-related occupational illnesses; 
MISSION: Driving a positive, sustainable and tangible change in Safety Culture within our organization for our economic success and Corporate Social Responsibility; 
VALUES: Ensuring the integrity of our workforce and respect their right to health, safety and wellbeing.
Our Health, Environment and Safety policy guarantees compliance with rules for a safe workplace. We identify hazards in our plants in order to assess risks to safety and health. We train staff to avoid risks on equipment and risks potentially associated to the storage and management of hazardous materials and waste, with an overall goal of avoiding occupational diseases and reducing the frequency and severity of injuries. 

To improve safety performance and influence its Safety Culture, Prysmian coordinates actions  in 3 areas: technical aspects, safety management, and human and organizational factors. 


The environment and safety management system has been established centrally in compliance to the international standards and ensures a uniform approach throughout the Group. The Corporate HSE establishes the group objectives, and the Regional/Country HSE functions coordinate the action plans at site and country level, to gradually achieve these objectives. 
Nearly all of the Prysmian Group production sites (95%) are certified ISO 14001, and almost 80% to OHSAS18001. Certification Plans are still on-going, including the recently acquired General Cable units,  30% of which are already certified.


Blumatica HSE Event tool is the platform that allow us to keep track and manage events, related to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), occurring in all Prysmian operating units and share them with the Group. The tool, that is fully operational in all Prysmian plants, allows both to handle accidents, non-conformities, near misses, reporting, relative adopted Corrective Actions and shares the event with the aim to avoid the repetition of it. Furthermore, it allows both to elaborate graphs and statistics of the main issues related to Health & Safety aspects and monitoring Prysmian Group’s results. 
Data extracted from HSE Event Tool show that the Group's effort in safety has materialized through a reduction in accidents represented by the Frequency Index (IF) calculated according to the OHSA LTA methodology. At the end of 2019, this value was 1.32 much lower than the target of 2.24 established at the beginning of the year.


Prysmian Group carries out Behavior Based Safety (BBS) training in specific places, and in some cases at the production units of an entire country. BBS aims to create strong organizational safety culture through leadership training for HSE managers.  A safety team within the company spreads best practices and awareness in this area.

General Cables
We paid close attention towards the integration of the safety culture heritage of general cable and the full enhancement of its best practices. From august 2018, all gc plants have been equipped with the "Hse events blumatica" platform and, supported by a training program, have been integrated into the group system of monitoring and analysis of events related to safety. 
Machines safety
We paid attention on machines safety by defining, at group level, a procedure with the reference stds, roles & responsibilities for installation, minimum maintenance and technical installation specifications with minimum protection requirements and safety.
Investment in our plants 
Prysmian Group invested about Euro 17 million in health, safety and environmental activities, including energy efficiency, water and waste.